Steps to activate the “hide email” feature in the latest version of the “IOS 15” operating system

The latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, contains new privacy features that are only available to people with iCloud storage.

One of these new features is “the most useful,” according to the website.CNBC“, represented in the ability to create a “temporary email address”, an address that is not associated with the user’s identity, but through which messages can be received to the user’s inbox, and this service can be called “Hide My Email”.

Apple said when it announced the feature last June, that this email service is useful for registering on websites where the user does not want to share their primary email address with them. Users can create multiple temporary email addresses, and they can delete them whenever they want.

Hide My Email is available to subscribers of the iCloud storage service, and this service is part of iCloud +, a new set of privacy features.

The site explains with pictures how to activate this service and benefit from it, through specific steps that users must follow.

First, “you must make sure that you are subscribed to the iCloud storage service, and the lowest package available for this service is 50 GB, which costs $ 0.99 per month.”

You must make sure that you are subscribed to the iCloud storage service

Second, “the user must enter the Settings app, click on his Apple account, and then click on iCloud.”

Then they can find the Hide My Email feature, where users can create a new temporary email address, after filling out the information form.

Feature "Hyde my email" Enables users to create a new temporary email address

Hide My Email feature enables users to create a new temporary email address

When you’re done creating the temporary email, you can use it anywhere, and it will receive messages to the inbox of the email account registered to the Apple ID.

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