Ally Brooke blames fifth harmony restrictions for her switch to alcohol


Speaking of the struggles she shared in her new book, the “Dancing With the Stars” alum admitted that she felt she was not allowed to be herself or speak out about her mind during her time on the girl group.

Ice Showbiz Pop star, pop singer Ally Brooke She turned to alcohol to drown out her sorrows during her time Fifth Harmony After she was reportedly prevented from speaking her mind.

The singer delves into her struggles both personally and professionally in her new book, “Finding Your Harmony: A Big Dream, Faith, and Achieving More Than You Can Imagine”, revealing that she has fallen into a “dark place” after repeatedly marginalizing individual verses on a number of girl group singles.

Discussing how “she was not allowed to use my voice figuratively and literally,” she explained to, “I didn’t feel allowed to be myself, nor was I allowed to express my opinion. I felt alone.”

Ally tried to hide her misfortune to live up to fan perception of her role as the happy older sister of the group.

“The fans were calling out to me with their sunshine and I felt it was my duty and responsibility – no matter what happened – to go out and smile,” said the 27-year-old. “I’ve tried to be like that for a very long time, but it takes a lot of losses behind the scenes when the lights go out.”

Aly found herself stuck in an “unfair” situation, and resorted to drinking wine: “My whole world has collapsed,” recalls a difficult time, without sharing the details. “The pressure to be perfect, the pressure to pretend things were okay when they weren’t, it hit me.”

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“I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone. And when you mix it all up, this is the perfect preparation for disaster and self-destruction.”

A night full of alcohol almost ended with her hospitalization: “I think if I had had another drink, I would definitely have ended up in hospital.” She also admitted that Fifth Harmony Tours director Will Prause came to her rescue after forcing her on his way to her hotel room, where he found her in a state of Total chaos as she asks, “Why is this happening to me?”

And she continued: “He reminded me that God is greater than all my problems.” “And although my problems were very real, God was going to create a way back to the light. And God did so.”

Fifth Harmony discontinued in 2018, and Brooke is now building her solo career, as a singer and actress.

She is currently on site in Atlanta, Georgia, to shoot her first movie,High expectationsWhile she is releasing her new single “What Are We Waiting For?” On Friday October 16.

“I’m so happy because now I can feel the freedom to be what I want to be,” she said. “I am the happiest myself ever.”

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