Allegations against DOSB chief – demanded the resignation of Alphonse Hormann

A power struggle raged in the German Football Association for months, and now the German Olympic Sports Federation also has a leadership problem. The trigger is an email message addressed to the Presidency, the Board of Directors and the Business Council of DOSB – sent from an external email account, signed with the words “SIGNAT – DOSB STAFF”. She says: You miss the respect and integrity of the administrative bodies every day, especially with President Alphonse Hormann.

Below is a list of the president’s alleged misconduct and a list of insider matters from the Sports House. The author (s) talks about a “culture of fear” – therefore, fearing the consequences, you appear faceless.

Clett: “Hurman must resign immediately.”

Now brings Stefan Klitt, president of the state sports association with the largest number of members in Germany Sports Show He expressed his displeasure: “After the repeated disastrous Olympic defeat, cutting the tablecloth with the International Olympic Committee, and insisting on dealing with the influence on the vaccination protection law, this process leads to barrel surplus,” Clett was quoted as saying.

“His lack of respect for the staff and at the same time the popular sports base in sports clubs harms the important social tasks of DOSB. Mr. Hürmann must resign immediately and pave the way for new elections. German not-for-profit Sports needs trust, transparency and humanity in a time of pandemic and the president actively listens to the associates.” To him and the grassroots instead of ignoring them. “

(Photo Alliance / dpa / dpa Pool | Federico Gambarini)Laschet: “It makes no sense what is happening in the International Olympic Committee.”
Because of the IOC’s initial decision on Queensland in Australia, it is clear: There will be no Olympic Games on the Rhine and the Ruhr in 2032. But the initiators are sticking to their demand – and criticizing DOSB.

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DOSB talks about “fake mail account”

The letter to the State Health Services Department (DOSB) mentions more than a third of employees who have exchanged views on this issue in the past weeks and months. This cannot be verified. It is also unclear how many people are actually hiding behind the signature of the “DOSB staff”.

DOSB confirms receipt of mail – also to Deutschlandfunk. He talks about a “fake mail account” in the statement. Only a few members of the board of directors and the presiding authority in the group addressed to the message received the message. At this time, the League does not want to take a stand on the allegations. The background will be checked.

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