All Lives Matter protesters again carried out the death of George Floyd the moment the Black Lives Matter march passed

The moment was filmed by several people on both sides of the protest and posted on social media. “Black lives don’t matter to anyone,” exclaims one apparent protester, All Lives Matter.

The whole incident lasted one minute and 23 seconds, according to a video posted on social media that was given to CNN.

The video appears to have been recorded by protester All Lives Matter and shows what happened before and after the Black Lives Matter march passed.

Approximately 20 seconds before police cars escorted by the Black Lives Matter march reached the All Lives Matter protester, the man lay prone on the ground. Shortly afterwards, another man kneels on his neck and begins a re-will of Floyd’s death.

Other eyewitness videos, taken in the Black Lives Matters action, reveal what happened next.

“I felt something was going on because the officers started moving us to the opposite side of the street as we approached the area,” Russell Sampson, marching for Black Lives Matter, told CNN.

Ten seconds after the police cars were tracking, as they marched, a kneeling man started yelling at them. “You don’t agree to it, it’s happening,” he screams, pointing to the protesters at the person below him. “Look … he didn’t comply! He didn’t comply. If he had fulfilled that, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The organizer of the Black Lives Matter protest in Franklinville, Daryan Fennal, told CNN that she was brought to tears by seeing a re-appearance.

“I saw mothers trying to cover up their children,” she told CNN in a statement.

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“Racism is everywhere, but I was surprised by the exposure in such a creepy and public way.”

After the protesters pass, the man who shoots the video then begins commenting on the Black Lives Matter marches.

“Blacks don’t matter to anyone,” he is heard saying in the video. “All lives are important. All lives are important. Police live matter. God bless the police. God bless the police. You stupid protesters.”

Repair Officer suspended, FedEx employee fired

The reaction drew quick criticism as the videos were shared on social media.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy condemned the behavior, saying “making fun of Floyd’s murder,” downplaying the call for justice from our black-and-brown community, is not repulsive. ”

After the videos surfaced and the outrage went online, the New Jersey Department of Repairs said it had suspended an officer they say “participated in the filming of a hate and disappointing video mocking the murder of George Floyd.”

The department has also launched a “thorough and expedited” investigation of the officers.

A source familiar with the situation tells CNN that the suspended officer is Joseph DeMarco, who has been employed at NJDOC for at least 18 years. The source said that after talks with his union on Tuesday, DeMarco kept a private lawyer. DeMarco was scheduled to speak to the NJDOC on Wednesday morning, the source said.

The hearing will be held after internal affairs make a recommendation and it will then be decided whether DeMarco will be suspended with or without payment, the source said.

CNN’s multiple calls to DeMarc have not been returned.

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Local union president William Sullivan told CNN that the union – representing approximately 6,000 correctional officers in New Jersey – was notified of the incident around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday after “a lot of cops were called and upset.”

“We must continue to practice tolerance and understanding, not discrimination and hatred,” the union said in a statement on its Facebook page. “As a collective group, we pray for those who are hurt and we are here to help each of them heal.”

In a statement, FedEx said it fired one employee it reportedly saw in a video at the protest.

“FedEx holds its members to a high standard of personal behavior, and we do not tolerate the kind of horrible and abusive behavior described in this video. The individual involved in FedEx is no longer employed. We stand by those who support justice and equality,” the statement said.

CNN continues to try to contact a former FedEx employee for comment, as well as a suspended correction officer.

But Daryann Fennal, organizer of the Black Lives Matter, says it won’t take away her efforts. He says he can’t “see” the revival and finds it frightening and intimidating. “Despite the horrific incident we witnessed, I still hope for the future and I hope we at least reached the heart of one person yesterday,” she said.

CNN’s Alta Spells, Taylor Romine and Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.

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