All about the new South Korean Netflix series

Fans of the South Korean Relationship series, Netflix is ​​back to focus on new Korean dramas with mysery tunes for this new serial season. The broadcast platform, in fact, is about to launch a new series called Minamdang Cafe, Directed by Joo Jae Hyun and screenwriter Park Hae Jin. Minamdang Café It will consist of a total of sixteen episodes of about 60 minutes duration and the peculiarity of this series is that it will distribute one episode at a time, on Saturdays and Sundays, after the same first days on the South Korean public broadcaster KBS2. But let’s find out more about the plot Minamdang Café And when can we find it in the Netflix catalog.

What is Minamdang Café?

This new drama follows the mysterious events of a former police officer who specializes in the psychological profiles of criminals Han Joon and his colleagues. The story is the story of a shady cafe named Minamdang and the customers who visit it and very special things happen to them.

When Minamdang Café appears on Netflix

The first episode of Minamdang Café It will be released in the streaming platform catalog on June 27 in all countries where the service is active. The series’ final episode is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on August 16.

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