Alfa Romeo: Technology Upgrade in Barcelona

GP Miami 2022

Alfa Sauber occupies fifth place in the World Cup. Meanwhile, he was no longer satisfied when he jumped only six points from the world championship in a race weekend as in Miami. C42 is capable of more than that. Alpha should score more. Another upgrade to come to the car in Barcelona.

At Alfa Romeo you can see this weekend in Miami how close the luck and misfortune is in Formula 1. Rookie Guanyu Zhou could have made it to Q2 if he hadn’t made a mistake on his first try. She couldn’t weigh his car after that, which spoiled the schedule. If there weren’t several cars on the road behind him. Otherwise, the young Chinese would have kicked out his teammate. Bottas would have started 16th, not 5th.

The Finn held that position until lap 49. A treacherous round 17 error, which appeared on Saturday, cost Bottas two positions for his former team. I braked a little too late. lest Mercedes attack him. The C42 was Miami’s best car, but Mercedes was the third powerhouse on the list of results. After making contact with the wall, the veteran was lucky to be able to continue at all. In seventh place, he added six points for the team. “The fact that we are a little disappointed shows how much progress we have made this season,” said team principal Frederic Vasseur.


In Miami, the Alfa Romeo Sauber C42 was the third fastest car in the field.

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Not taking advantage of opportunities

Alfa collected 31 points in its first five races. Double the Haas equivalent of a second Ferrari customer. However, they both have in common that they are not taking enough advantage of their opportunities. Haas is more than Alpha Sauber. The Swiss race team should have had one or two extra points on the credit side. In Saudi Arabia, the Bottas engine overheated. Otherwise, he would have scored good goals there, too. Guanyu Zhou threw two penalties in eleventh place. In Australia he repeated this result, possibly succeeding Alexander Albon at Williams. Bottas could have finished fourth instead of fifth at Imola. The team believes that without a failed stop, there may have been a podium.

They at Hinwil know they need to make better use of the opportunities in the upcoming races. Now you have a chance to break away from head-to-head competition like Alpha Tauri, Haas, Aston Martin and Williams and sail your way to sixth place. And if further development is right, you could also possibly leave Alpine behind and put McLaren at risk.

The technical department led by Jan Monchaux is working to make this happen. Hinwil’s recalls are done to quickly improve the C42. Team boss Vasier responds to a question if there will be new parts at Barcelona. “Big upgrade,” that’s what the Frenchman delights in. If all goes according to plan.

Valtteri Bottas - Alfa Romeo - Miami GP 2022 - United States


Bottas collected 30 points out of 31 in the World Cup. His colleague Chu comes in one place.

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Surprisingly good clean

In the first races, Alfa-Sauber continued to develop the car. In Bahrain it was mainly about better cooling. Hinwil has improved the rear brake shovels and rear wheel suspension for Saudi Arabia. For Imola they revised the lower part in the front area, changed the hood and again the rear brake vent.

So far the updates are working. Which is most important because the Joker, the lightest car in the field, will eventually be used. The competition must eventually approach the minimum weight of 798 kg. The C42 does not have any major weaknesses. If anything, it’s the quick corners that can be better compared to the direct opponents.

That’s exactly what the upgrades are intended for – better performance in high-speed corners. This requires more downforce. Mechanically, the car is a seat with front and rear wheel drive suspension. The C42 has high traction and is maneuverable. It benefits from the good drivability and power of Ferrari’s turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

Tire management is also a major strength. Either from the car or from the driver. Valtteri Bottas was trailing Lewis Hamilton in the middle tires the longer the period went on. It was already seven seconds before the Mercedes stopped. The C42 could still be good for one surprise or another this season.

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