Alexander Robertson forgets Peru and focuses on Australia: ‘It’s my home’

Alexander Robertson’s goal was to be a huge boost to the national under-20 team In South America 2023, but the Manchester City midfielder Cut off contact with the Peruvian national team And the reason, so far unknown, already seems obvious: His imminent arrival in the Australian national team.

“Australia is my home. I wouldn’t call anywhere else home except Australia. I grew up there since I was a kid, I know all about my background and obviously my grandfather and dad played for Australia so if I had to do that it would be a very proud moment. For my family and myself,” the 19-year-old footballer told The Sydney Morning newspaper.

The duel between Peru and Australia At the World Cup replay, Robertson said: “I was watching it on TV. It was a bit weird, seeing two countries that I could play against each otherBut Australia secured victory, which is a really good thing.”

As he pointed out, it would be his ‘honour’ to play for AustraliaThe city’s youth became acquainted with contacts with the selector, Graham Arnold. He said, “He spoke briefly with my father a few times. I think he knows my father a little, but I would like to talk to him and see how it goes.”

Although he did not have the Peruvian documents, Alexander Robertson showed interest in playing for Peru, but Communications were cut overnight, according to Gustavo Ruffrano.

“The contact with him was lost, and the recruits were in constant contact with him and his fatherWe know that at the moment he was not playing now. We don’t know what really happened, he’s a player who intrigued me because of the videos I saw, because of the level he’s playing at,” said the former U-20 coach.

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