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Alex Saab Lawyers from Barranquilla In the United States, they have just suffered a severe setback that could shatter the defense of the designated special envoy of Nicolás Maduro’s government.

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Months ago, they confirmed that Saab’s arrest in Cape Verde, on June 12, 2020, and his extradition to the United States, in October 2021, are illegal because he is a competent Venezuelan diplomat. In fact, they provided letters and passports that supposedly prove it.

This is the extraordinary issue of Gazette No. 6373 dated April 26, 2018.


Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela

however, The United States Attorney’s Office has just revealed what could be wrong with said accreditation, putting a tough defense in trouble, On charges of laundering more than $340 million in corruption deals with the regime.

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In fact, at a hearing in Washington last Monday, October 7, prosecutors Kurt Lunkenheimer (from Miami) and Alex Kramer demonstrated Which would be a change in the Venezuelan government’s Official Gazette to believe that a difficult situation as a diplomat has been registered.

double newspaper

“This fact greatly raises the question of whether the Maduro regime actually appointed Saab Moran as its special envoy, and instead suggests that this was a fabricated story.”

presented by a difficult defense in the online version, Official Gazette 6373 shows that Saab was appointed as that government’s special envoy in April 2018.

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But prosecutors obtained a hard copy of The same newspaper, housed in the United States Library of Congress, which conflicts with the electronic version.

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In fact, in the physical version the appointment does not appear.

This fact greatly raises the question of whether the Maduro regime actually appointed Saab Moran as its special envoy, instead suggesting that this was a fabricated story.’,” noted prosecutors Kurt Lunkenheimer of Miami and Alex Kramer of Washington.

Saab Passports

This is one of the Saab documents that do not agree with those of the Chancellery.

But Saab’s appointment is not the only thing under discussion.

As revealed by TIME On October 19, there are also inconsistencies in diplomatic passports.

In fact, A tough defense brought to the case a Venezuelan passport that acknowledges him as a diplomataccompanied by pictures and other documents.

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But The passport number does not match the number shown in a protest letter Venezuela submitted when Saab was arrested in Cape Verde, on June 12, 2020..

The first of them ends in 8063 and the second in 1956so a clerical error is excluded.

This is the letter of protest submitted to Cape Verde for the arrest of Saab.

also, The document that Saab was holding was from an ordinary citizen, not a diplomat.

also, It is checked whether one of the documents has already expired at a difficult time of arrest. It has a March 2019 release date and an expiration date March 2020, two months before his arrest.

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In court, These discrepancies are seen as a setback in difficult’s attempt to restore its diplomatic status. Although it is not excluded that Venezuela now claims to have several passports for him. In fact, Saab holds a diplomatic passport from Antigua and Barbuda, which was revoked when the scandal erupted.

So far, It is not known what effects these alleged contradictions could have on the preserved rapprochement between the Biden and Maduro governments..

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