Alert from a virus that steals passwords without you noticing it

It is malware or software known as Stealer or Infostealer, which steals passwords and information saved in browsers. There will be more than 4,000 affected in 2022.

The Computer Security Incident Response Team at the Ministry of Interior alerted the recent increase in circulation a Virus password theft from users without realizing it.

It is located around a Malware also Malware known as thief also infostealerwhich – which password theft And the Information Saved in the browsers of electronic devices.

In 2022, they were registered More than 4 thousand affected usersaccording to government figures, but It is not excluded that computers have been infected in 2021.

According to what he posted MONHead of the Government Specialists Team, Charles Silvaexplained that theft occurs when the user “enters a file.” page oa YoutubeAnd the Instagrametc… and enter your password“.

Usually, a window appears It asks if you want to save this information in the browser. Most acceptBecause it’s more comfortable,” however, he noted that the computer might be infected with a bus entry.

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‘could be to Phishing emailAnd the Download a program in unofficial sitesAnd the download movies in Unauthorized sitesby clicking Eye-catching adsAnd the malicious links From Youtubeetcetera”, supplemented by Carlos Silva.

this way when the computer is infectedand files Malware are saved and Sends the information to the command service s controlwhere the attacker gets the data.

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Stealing usernames and passwords surreptitiouslyAnd the Browser cookiesAnd the computer credentials also cell phoneAnd the unique keysAnd the Bank card numbers‘, accused.

Around, The government recommends not to save data in the browser or click or download unsafe items s Do an antivirus scan s Periodically change passwords.

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