Al Tadamun Income July – August 2022: Who are the new beneficiaries of the support and when do they receive it? | the answers

Since July 21, the payment of benefits has begun This was announced by the Social Inclusion and National Reconciliation Sector of Colombia, through the Ministry. These benefits will be provided according to their rating in .

This economic support specifically is to help low-income families due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the social and political and economic crises that have afflicted the country and the world at large. Therefore, it will continue to be deposited with an increase depending on the degree of beneficiaries.

From when will the collection of solidarity income be available?

Since July 21, payments for the July and August cycles of solidarity income have been available, the Ministry of Social Welfare announced. However, the beneficiary citizens the deposit will be granted in a staggered manner according to the scores specified in Sisbén IV, which offsets cycles 28 and 29.

And for families with a bank account or digital wallets, from July 21 they will be able to make Solidarity Income payments. And for those without a bank account, they will be able to make the payment from July 25 to August 8 through SuperGiros and its affiliates.

When will you be able to find out the group of new Solidarity Income beneficiaries?

The goal is to reach 4 million households and new beneficiaries will be registered until the end of July, according to Social Prosperity. Although there are still quotas, priority is given to families in the first group of Sisbén IV.

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Although the new beneficiaries have not yet been published in the Solidarity Income List, residents will be notified in the last days of July so that they can collect their bonuses in the coming months as well as those who have already received the funds.

How will the Solidarity Income Deposit payments be?

1. Families with one person per family:

  • The first group: 420,000 Colombian pesos.
  • The second group: 410 thousand dollars in Colombian pesos.

2. Households of two or more persons per family:

  • The first group: 435,000 dollars in Colombian pesos.
  • Group Two: 420,000 Colombian pesos.

Finally, families that are part of group C, according to the Sisbén IV classification, will continue to receive 400,000 pesos every two months. Households wishing to check the amount of the subsidy can do so through SupeGiros and must go to the home page of the foundation and see if they are registered.

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