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Kiran Rego, Federal Law Minister, said that artificial intelligence technology will greatly help in resolving cases pending in the courts.

On Saturday, the closing ceremonies of the Constitution Day celebrations, which were held on the sidelines of the Supreme Court, took place. Co-Minister Kieran Rego said:

Artificial intelligence technology will enhance the work of the court. AI technology can effectively manage case management, provide case-specific details, and support litigation processes.

Courts in the country are already in the process of switching to hexadecimal technology. AI technology can do amazing things to help people achieve justice and reduce pending cases.

There is no substitute for the idea that machines cannot function like humans. But machines can help judges provide details about the case and make some important decisions.

Infrastructure development: Combining AI technology with the efficient functioning of the judiciary will make justice available to people faster. It is necessary to improve the basic infrastructure in the courts to reduce the number of pending cases.

The BJP-led government is working to ensure that the infrastructure of all courts, from the lower courts, is improved, with a view to ensuring timely access to justice for the people. The central government is obligated to provide modern infrastructure facilities in the courts.

Alternatives: Measures are taken to promote alternative means of resolving cases in order to prevent a backlog of cases in the courts. More importantly, he said, the federal government is considering granting legal recognition to the arbitration process.

The ceremony was attended by President Ramnath Govind, Chief Nevada Chief Justice Ramana, and Justices of the Supreme Court and Supreme Court.

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