The Twitch ban on sexual harassment now includes terms like “simp” and “incel”.

The live streaming service Twitch is updating its ban against insults to include a set of newer slang words commonly associated with inappropriate behavior toward women.

In an update to harass him Policy, The company stated that it would prohibit the use of terms such as “simp”, “incel” and “virgin”, especially when they are used to negatively refer to another person’s sexual practices.

“Using these terms alone will not lead to their enforcement, but we will take action if they are used repeatedly in an harassing way,” she added, adding that emoji referring to these words will also be subject to implementation.

Cambridge Dictionary Known “incel” as a carrier of involuntary singles, while Merriam Webster Indicated “Simp” has changed in modern usage from a simple meaning to a fictitious likeable person, often with an internet character like Twitch Streamer.

Twitch said it determines if something is slanderous if the commonly used language degrades or distorts adjective based on a protected characteristic.

“When we assess the use of hateful slander, we take context into account, and make an exception to use certain words or terms in an empowering way, or as terms of affiliation when that intention is clear. We are enforcing against the use of hateful slurs worldwide and in multiple languages.

This was part of a comprehensive update to the company’s terms of use, which covered three sections: harassment, hateful behavior and sexual harassment.

The new policy comes into effect on January 22 next year, so only content created on or after this date will be subject to the new guidelines.

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Twitch explained that rolling out the policy later was to avoid punishment, giving users time to learn about changes aimed at better protecting the community.

Although the company does not make public the details of its enforcement measures, penalties may include warnings and suspensions ranging from one to 30 days or permanent bans in severe cases.

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