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Genoa – Commander in Chief of the Port Authority, Admiral Chief Inspector Nicolas Carlon and Commander of the United States Coast Guard, Admiral Karl Schultz signed a memorandum of understanding between the General Command of the Port Offices – Coast Guard and United States Coast Guard “In order to enhance bilateral cooperation in order to achieve common goals,” the note explains.

The agreement covers various areas of operational cooperation: from the protection of human life at sea, to the safety of navigation, from the control and control of maritime traffic to the safety of port infrastructures, without losing sight of the important synergies in the training of personnel, to ensure a fruitful exchange of experiences in the management of emergencies at sea.

Admiral Carlon emphasized that “the protection of human life at sea is our first task,” adding: “This protocol establishes an ongoing, structured cooperation for some time, through bilateral visits made in Washington and Rome, and also after the desired shipping quality to obtain a rating of 21St The century that was there years ago US Coast Guard Appointed to the Italian Coast Guard as the flag department that has achieved excellent performance in the maritime field in the past three years.”

“The memo is the result of years of cooperation, and is of higher value in a complex period such as the Covid-19 emergency. We are pleased to share our operational intervention models and training courses” were the words of the leader of the US Coast Guard, admiral Carl Schultz.

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The ceremony was attended by the Head of the International Affairs Office of the General Command of the Port Authority – Coast Guard, Captain Vasciello (CP) Claudio Manganiello andNaval Attaché Assistant US Embassy in Rome, Leader Michael Nunziato

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