After a quick victory over Australia: The DFB women defeated Norway

German women football has succeeded in designing the International Double Package in Wiesbaden. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s side followed a 5: 2 match over Australia on Tuesday with a score of 3: 1 (2: 1) against Norway and once again showed the progress already made in building a strong team for the European Championship in England. In 2022. Laura Freilang (8), Linda Dallmann (17) switched the guest tour through Guro Riding (fourth). The combination of dreams led to the score 3-1 through Pauline Crombegel’s first international goal (62).


Voss-Tecklenburg has changed the Bundesliga team only in a few more positions compared to Saturday. Anne Catherine Berger goalkeeper As announced, Linda Dalman replaced Lena Majol in midfield, and Alexandra Pope played with Sajwiki Nuskin after she recovered from injury and preferred Laura Freelang to Leah Schuller in attack.

Norway turned out to be a more stubborn opponent than Australia in the early stages. After a misunderstanding between Berger and Dalman in the third minute that had no consequences, after one minute the ride took advantage of the opportunity to withdraw from the German full-back and fired the shots.

The confidence that the Bundesliga players had acquired on Saturday was evident afterwards. With violent attacks, they put the guests under pressure. After Frelang fired a shot right next to the goal, the next corner led to a draw. What’s more: the Germans remained on the trigger and once again towering Sarah Dabritz kicked off the round with strong defensive action followed by an opening pass.

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But Norway remained dangerous. Above all, because voting in the German game in the backward movement left much to be desired. The left defense in particular was often an orphan, with Leone Mayer and Crombegel each being repeatedly drawn in the middle.

In the first half, Voss-Tecklenburg switched, taking Dabritz and Katherine Hendrich off the field and bringing in young Julie Brand and Neskin, who were masked against Australia. This also changed the system somewhat. DFB Selection now runs a chain of three in defense, and rapid fire interacts between the lines. Good luck. Hoffenheim’s girl made an irresistible move in the 62nd minute and provided a superb pass in the Norwegian defense Krombijl, who intentionally completed her.

In the period since, the game of the two teams has undergone many changes. But the hosts maintained their grip and got the win they deserved.

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