Adam Lambert opens up about his performance with Quinn

Adam Lambert opens up about his performance with Quinn

Adam Lambert opened up about what it’s like to perform with Quinn.

Lambert, former contestant in American Idol, Joined Queen in 2012 and took on the role of replacing late former captain Freddie Mercury.

In a new interview with timesLambert spoke about the stress of the role, saying he never wanted to “impersonate” Mercury.

Lambert said, “I knew I didn’t want to do impersonation. Freddy and I are different. We look different, we have different experiences.”

“There are similarities – I am known to have a vocal personality, and let’s say there are similarities in our personal lives – but I realize that the audience does not see Freddy. That’s why I have to give the best performance possible and make sure I don’t leave anyone disappointed.”

Queen and Adam Lambert Credit: Xavier Vila

In the same interview, Queen’s guitarist Brian May opened up around the time they met Lambert American Idol.

May revealed that although they weren’t looking for a leader at the time, it “made sense” for them that Lambert would take over.

She said, “Adam will tell the audience,” I’m here to pay tribute to Quinn and Freddie Mercury for being a fan like you.

“We weren’t looking for someone when we met him, but he was so charismatic that it made sense. He’ll tell you that he was scared to death when we did our first concert together in front of half a million people in Kiev in 2012, but he has tremendous confidence.

“Plus he’s a nice guy. You can’t go around the world for half a year with someone you don’t engage with.”

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Quinn and Adam Lambert announced the release of their first live album last month, after mocking the ad in an encrypted video a few days earlier.

Queen + Adam Lambert Live Around the World is scheduled to launch on October 2nd via EMI.

Queen was also scheduled to embark on a mega tour of the UK and Europe this summer, but has been postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus.

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