According to director Kishimoto, “a global play test with room for improvement”

A few days after the release of “Sonic Frontiers,” game director Morio Kishimoto spoke up. As explained by Kishimoto, the developers of Sonic Team are currently analyzing feedback from the community.

This week, Sega’s popular mascot Sonic is back on consoles and PCs with Sonic Frontiers. One of the biggest innovations was the open game world with its various secrets and challenges.

A few days after the release of “Sonic Frontiers,” Morio Kishimoto, the game director responsible for the open-world platform, spoke. “I’m sorry I haven’t contacted you yet because we have been busy since the release date,” Kishimoto said, noting that Sonic Team developers are currently busy listening to and analyzing player feedback.

According to Kishimoto, it has already become clear that there is still room for improvement in various areas.

The developers want to update the series

“I’m relieved that the release date has arrived and it looks like the game has reached everyone safely,” she said. We study the opinions of critics and players. As you pointed out, there are still areas we haven’t gotten to yet, and we’re going to take this seriously as a global test. Statements that might point to a possible sequel to Sonic Frontiers are indeed a done deal.

Shortly before the platform’s release, the Sonic Team game director formulated the goal of “refreshing and radically changing the series with ‘Sonic Frontiers’. At the same time, ‘Sonic Frontiers’ should be a major milestone in the long history of Sonic Games that takes the series to the next level.” It is therefore conceivable that a potential successor will once again rely on the open-world concept and continue the story of Sonic’s new adventure.

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Sonic Frontiers is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo’s Switch.

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