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Cologne (Die Autobahn GmbH). This weekend, there will be many lockdowns in the Leverkusen region.

Overnight from Friday to Saturday (11/12 June) there will be two closures at the Leverkusen-West motorway junction.

• From 8 pm until 1 am, the A59 motorway exit from Düsseldorf to Rinalli or Westring is closed.
• From 11 pm until 6 am, access to the A59 motorway in the direction of Düsseldorf from Rheinallee or Westring is closed.

You can drive on the A1 either way. A diversion across the Leverkusen motorway junction is marked with a red dot for both closures.
Lane signs have been refurbished in the Rhineland Autobahn here.

From Saturday 12 June, from 6 am until Sunday 13 June, 8 pm, the connection from the A1 from Dortmund to the A3 in the direction of Oberhausen is cut off at the Leverkusen junction.


The diversion inside the motorway junction in Leverkusen is marked with a red dot.

Rheinland Autobahn is currently carrying out construction work on the traffic control system at the intersection.

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