A year abroad: Villach’s running talent begins in America in 5 minutes

The 16-year-old is completing his eleventh year of school Sebastian Ambroch In Texas / America. With this, young Villacher fulfilled his childhood dream. Even as a young boy, the Sport BORG student dreamed of going to America one day and pursuing his athletic path there. In mid-August, the ambitious runner who participated in LC Flash Under the supervision of Eric Kucali He trained across the pond to Texas, where he attended Brock Hill School. Approximately 675 students from 30 different countries are taught at the Christian boarding school, unlike our country the class size is maximum 15 students and of course there is a separate track and field branch.

Sebastian with his team.

© LC Villach

Sebastian at a contest in Texas.

© LC Villach

Sebastian on the way to America.

© LC Villach

Also successful in America

Multiple trains champion Carinthian and Austrian In LC Villach for 6 years He loves middle distances and cross country runs. He is particularly proud of his indoor Carinthia record for the 800 metres, which he broke last year in Munich, but the Styria Cross Country Cup win is also one of his highlights. Sebastian also succeeded in the United States, where the school qualified in several playoffs for the Texas State Championships.

“Look forward to family, friends and training at LC Villach”

School starts at 9:15 am with prayer and ends at 3:00 pm. There are only five components, mandatory strength training and then running. The running training is planned by Carinthia’s coach Eric Kukali,” Villacher says of his daily life in America. He is preparing for a good track season in America, athletics season in Austria and slowly for college in America, which he would like to attend next year after graduating from high school In closing, Ambrush said, “Well, the school year ends here in the middle of May, then I go back to Carinthia and I look especially forward to my family and friends and training at LC Villach.” After graduating from high school, he would like to return to America.

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