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In recent months a great plague mice have whipped Australia Incredibly, it left unpleasant experiences for some people, to the point that the woman had to go to the hospital after waking up to discover that rodents He was eating his eyeball.

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The plague from mice On Australia Considered by some of the media as the worst of the past 30 years, it has caused various kinds of problems in people: from difficulties at home to health, such as the farmer’s wife, who discovered that the mouse toHe was eating his own eyes During sleep.

The A woman was taken to the hospital Join one of the many victims of this rodent epidemic.

In the town of Naromene near Sydney, Mick Harris She lived an experience similar to that of a woman, because when she slept, she discovered that a The mouse passed over his face.

“I had a tingling sensation and hairs crawling from behind my ears across my cheeks. I got goose bumps. The farmer, who couldn’t sleep until he caught a mouse, admitted my hair stood on end and I jumped out of bed.

For her part, Harris’s wife was also bitten on her finger while she slept. “I was terrified. We have two young children and You worry that when they wake up crying, it’s because they have a mouse in their bedMick said.

In addition to the physical problems and inconveniences caused by rodents, this plague also caused fires at a house (New South Wales), Devastation or problems in brakes from the cars s Difficulties In the Harvest The locals, which is why people seek to declare a natural disaster, which would allow them to claim insurance payments.

“Without concerted efforts in the coming weeks, this could easily turn into a two-year plague event,” the experts acknowledged.

Among the efforts made to stop the plague is the government New South Wales Securing 5,000 liters of bromadiolona, Rodent poison currently prohibited for agricultural use, which will be given free of charge if approved for use.

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