A well-established man kills four people in the United States, including two policemen

Four people were killed in the United States, including two police officers, by a suspect who had been hiding in a home for 12 hours, the Wattoga County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina, reported Thursday.

On Wednesday morning, two officers were sent to a house near Bonn, whose residents did not come to work and did not answer the phone, according to a statement sent to Agence France-Presse.

After they noticed several cars, they entered the house, where they were met by bullets.

Reinforcements manage to rescue one of the clients, Chris Ward, who died in the hospital, but not his colleague, Logan Fox, who died at the scene.

Two policemen and a gendarme were attacked while trying to help him. One of them was injured but his team was protecting her, as they mentioned in detail in the mayor’s office.

The attacker continued to shoot the police, at times, which took 13 hours to bring the situation under control.

“The suspect who killed the two policemen is suspected of killing two civilians in the house,” the statement said.

Sheriff Lynn Hagman told the local WSOC that the attacker was dead and that the other two victims were his mother and stepfather.

In the United States, where firearms are prevalent and controversial due to numerous mass shootings, an average of 50 police officers are killed every year while on duty.

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