A study revealed the cause of poor cell phone charging in the car

Some modern cars have a special connector so that people can charge their cell phones while doing so In other vehicles, it is possible to do this thanks to the USB ports located there.

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The truth is that technology experts do not recommend this type of practice because It shortens the useful life of mobile phones and damages the car battery, which is necessary for its operation.

Why is it bad to download? cell phone in it the cars

According to technicians from Western Canada University, Cited by NTN 24the phone can suffer Overheating when charging in the car may damage the device.

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The same will happen with the car battery, as it has to do more effort to provide power to the phone thus You will consume more fuel.

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Turbo magazine added that car USB ports are typically designed to hold music memories. Advance most a Charging only 0.5A, which explains why the cell phone takes time to top up the battery.

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In any case, if the problem is urgent, it is recommended not to leave the cell phone connected for more than 3 hours.

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