A small asteroid is even closer to Earth than the satellites of SpaceX Starlink

Close enough to the five greatest …


An asteroid placed a new mark on Friday for the closest corridor of our planet without affecting reality.

Space rock was discovered with Another Earth-based asteroid collision warning system, or ATLAS, Run by NASA and the University of Hawaii. It has been identified as a 2020 VT4, and it was 240 miles (386 kilometers) from the Earth’s surface on Friday. This is even closer to objects in low Earth orbit including the International Space Station and Broadband constellation Starlink from SpaceX.

While this is much closer than the record that happened back in August when Asteroid 2020 QG flew by At a distance of 1,830 miles (2,950 kilometers), it is not unusual for asteroids to soar in our planetary network.

Lots of pieces of space dust and large rocks make them reach Earth in the form of meteors. One of the biggest in memory caused a stir when Collision with the atmosphere over Russia in 2013. Astronomers hadn’t seen it before, but 2018 Los Angeles was seen before it collides with us five years later. he thinks that Pieces of that asteroid reached Earth In Africa. There have even been accidents of asteroids that “bounce back from the atmosphere” and return to deep space.

It’s not that we’re suddenly under attack from asteroids. Instead, improvements in technology and observation have allowed astronomers to discover more of the smaller asteroids infiltrating near our planet.

However, it is a bit unsettling to have direct evidence of space rocks being whipped by us just a few miles from the altitude that the International Space Station is orbiting, just like a new crew. On his way inside a brilliant crew dragon space ship.

So watch the sky – or whatever around you if you really happen to be in space.

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