A new foundation supports children and young people with serious illnesses

The Medical Research Foundation at the University Hospital Erlangen currently has 14 name and subject institutions under its umbrella, which cater to a variety of charitable purposes at the University Hospital Erlangen. Now the medical research institution has grown out of another institution called the “Children’s Room”, which is named after the diplomat Walter Raum of Nuremberg, who has since died.

Dr. says. Chara Gravo Apostolato, Team Leader for Pediatric Palliative Care at the Children and Youth Clinic.

According to the University Hospital Erlangen, a “children’s room” will in the future support the work of the Pediatric Palliative Care Team, which care for seriously ill children and young adults at home throughout Central and Upper Franconia.

The wife of the same name, Erica Raum, spent many years abroad with her husband, who served in the diplomatic service for a long time. The couple returned from Nuremberg to their Franconian homeland only after their retirement. “We don’t have any children, so we’ve been thinking for years about how to pass on our accumulated assets in a meaningful way,” says the founder. “It was important to us that the money went to the children.”

After Walter Raum passed away at the end of 2020, his wife, Erica, went looking for a foundation that wanted to take advantage of his estate. “I was on Dr. Gravo Apostolato and we called right away,” says Erika Raum.

According to Gravou-Apostolatou, the money from “Room for Children” will be used, among other things, for music therapy for seriously ill children and young adults. The advantage of this treatment is that patients with intellectual disabilities also benefit from it. In palliative care, we rely on donations: we fund part of our entire team through third-party funding. “But art projects or music therapy are not only supported by donated amounts. The children’s clinic is also planning new premises, especially for chronically ill and sedative patients.

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“For example, we want to create a creative room, a parent’s room, a kitchen in which special meals can be prepared, for example for children with metabolic disorders,” says Gravou-Apostolatou. A significant advantage of “Children’s Room” is an increase in donated amounts by 50 percent thanks to the Matching Funds Programme. “More than three million euros have already benefited from projects funded by this source,” he added.

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