A mysterious city of stones that scientists do not find an answer to

A mysterious city of stones that scientists cannot find an answer to.

Colombia is surrounded by wonderful panoramic views, some of which are visited more than others. In the outskirts of San José del Guaviare, for example, you can find what looks like a stone city. In fact, the Colparques organization shows that there are already five cities: Ciudad Perdida, Los Túneles, Las Murallas, La Puerta de Orión and Los Puentes Naturales.

Each of these spaces is surrounded by plenty of plants, among them the Guaviare flower and the Cananguche palm tree. That’s why labyrinths are formed, CavesAnd trails and thousands of other potential adventures for tourists. However, the obvious sight are the stones which are about 12 meters high.

From what tourists say, there are many figures that can be seen in the large limestone buildings: whales, features of human faces, caves, birds, among many other descriptions they have had over the years.

Mysterious stone city

There is still not much information about who would have inhabited the place in the distant past. There is some research that thinks that it is possible that some indigenous communities have lived on that land at some point in history. But it cannot be verified. Despite this, there are traces of cave hieroglyphs on some of the stones that are also attributed, without any confirmation, to Bedouin societies.

Doubts about the existence of a civilization are also given by the way the stones are aligned. Some of them seem to be specially organized for cutting roads or building bridges. As if it was meant to improve navigation through it. However, the most popular theory is that it was once an entry point for mining.

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To learn about this Colombian mystery, fly to a nearby point like Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Torres Airport, in San Jose del Guaviare. It can also be reached by car or bus along the road that runs from Villavicencio to the municipality of Calamar.

From there, the road will continue overland. To get there, it’s advisable to get a guided tour that includes transportation to the place or pay for a private car from town that can take you directly in about half an hour, Colparques points out.

Perfect for hiking

The site in general does not have infrastructure outside the stones, but this does not mean that you cannot camp, just that you should bring all the necessary things for it. In addition, it is important to take into account a climate of about 30 ° C somewhere in the middle of a damp forest, so you should bring enough water and clothing to cope with it. As much as you can enjoy the scenery, you should also be aware not to pollute the water and pick up trash to protect the area.

In addition to this enigmatic city, Guaviare offers other nature offerings for tourists who enjoy hiking and other types of outdoor activities. For example, if you enjoy swimming with other creatures, such as freshwater dolphins, there is a lake in which you can swim.

Its name is Damas del Nare and it is about an hour from San José del Guaviare. There, preferably with an agency that can accompany you, you can swim with the dolphins for about $50, depending on what your trip will include.

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