A Mexican in Finland talks about missing her country

young woman from Finland overspread tik tok Revealing the things he misses most about his time in Mexico, highlighting the strange sounds of Tamalero, Eleutero, gas truck and even neighbor music, which users of the platform already regarded as a Mexican Plus.

Mexico is a country of many colors and customs, which makes it a place with lots of sounds around its streets. Most Mexicans manage to get used to this noise, whether it’s an organ grinding machine, a knife sharpener, or a dresser with a distinct horn.

However, this peculiarity of a country can be strange to a foreigner, especially to someone who comes from a calm nation like Finland.

This was the case of Viivi Rytkonen, a young woman from Finland Who resided for a while in Mexico and decided to count through his account

tik tok
“Finnish Woman”, Cultural clashes between the two countries.

Viivi revealed in a tik tok The “excess” silence that prevails Finland He compared it to the noise of Mexico, which he admitted was beginning to miss.

“I’m starting to miss all the noise in Mexico: the eloteros, the tamaleros and their shouts of ‘Tamales,’ the songs of the gas trucks, the neighbour’s music,” Fifi said. tik tok.

The young Finnish admitted that listening to these sounds is something she really loves very much because, in her view, one can “hear life” through these noises.

A young man from Finland goes viral on TikTok for missing Mexico’s ‘noise’

The video has already garnered more than 200 thousand views and nearly 40 thousand reactions, as well as more than 900 comments from the majority of Mexican users highlighting their pride in this “live” and “party” custom of the country.

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Similarly, in other videos Viivi has compared the differences between Mexico and Finland, revealing the differences from gastronomical to everyday life. Although it also showed some similarities between the two countries.

at the expense of tik tok For Viivi, who already has more than 180,000 followers and 2.5 million likes, you can read the description “Almost Finnish MexicanWhich reflects Mexico’s charm towards foreigners.

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