A judge from the US lifts the ban on investing in Xiaomi

The management change we’ve seen in the US hasn’t brought about as many changes as might have been expected with regard to the treatment of Chinese companies like Huawei.

Where we have seen change, although not on the political side, but on the judicial side, it is with Which was valid on Xiaomi. This company was Included in the defense listAlthough it does not preclude the marketing of the company’s products, it limits the investments of American entities and individuals in them.

A judge from the United States lifted the blockade on Xiaomi

This blockade imposed on the Ministry of Defense is paralyzed. TemporarilyBy a US federal judge before it goes into effect next week.

This blockade forced American investors to sell their stakes in Xiaomi because the company, according to the government, has ties to the Chinese military.

This judicial decision was preceded by a lawsuit filed by Xiaomi in a Washington court, in which it described the inclusion on the Defense Ministry’s list as “illegal and unconstitutional.”

Despite references by the Communist Party and the Chinese government praising Xiaomi, the company claims that it is not under the control of the People’s Liberation Army.

Federal judge Rudolf Contreras argued that “The defendants have not convincingly argued that national security interests are at risk. “.

This decision could be reversed by subsequent government moves, although the Biden administration would have to make the decision.

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