A four-year-old Australian girl has disappeared from her parents’ tent

Australian police write of their grave concern about the four-year-old who disappeared over the weekend at a secluded oceanfront camp site. BBC.

cleo smith He slept with his parents in a tent in the western part of the country, but lost track on Saturday morning.

Her mother said that when they woke up, the tent was open and their baby disappeared with her sleeping bag. He allegedly put the girl to sleep after dinner on a Friday night and then woke up around 1:30 a.m. to ask her for water.

At 6 in the morning, it became clear to her that the baby was no longer in place when Cleo’s sister also wanted to drink.

He and his partner sat in a car and searched everything, but nowhere to be found. That’s how big they decided to call the police.

Elle Smith spoke at a press conference about not sleeping much in recent days.

The worst part is that we can’t do anything anymore. Control is out of our hands and we are hopeless

He said.

Facebook / Western Australian Police Force

The incident shook the entire country. The authorities have not yet released any information about what they think may have happened to the young girl, but they are managing everything to find him.

However, it was revealed Tuesday morning, that investigators do not rule out that Cleo Smith was kidnapped and taken from the area.

At the time the girl disappeared, quite a few people were at the camp site, and the police were visiting and questioning all potential eyewitnesses.

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The search is sometimes hampered by bad weather. Helicopters were also involved in the work.

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