A company worker forgot prototypes in a hotel

Next design Helmet Virtual Reality From Meta called Meta Quest Pro It was discovered thanks to the supervision of a corporate engineer, because the employee forgot the prototypes of the device in a hotel.

Ramiro Cardenas, streamer From video games in Mexico, I found this device with a novelty Three cameras have been added to the front of the earbuds And a new look removes the open circuit design from the current model.

At the moment, Meta has not yet provided specific news regarding the next piece of hardware, considering that The company has not even confirmed the name of the Meta Quest Proalthough developer Steve Moser said Bloomberg Who found the name “Quest Pro” in the code for the Meta Oculus mobile app.

Take Crunch He notes that “Quest Pro will have an extension The most transformable and realistic in full coloras well as depth sensors that help accurately position digital objects in physical space.”

Meta filter cups.
Meta filter cups.
Ramiro Cardenas

Virtual reality glasses, known internally as ‘Project Cambria’, are expected to work It will be announced on October 11th At the company’s Connect event.

secondly, There is a suspicion that the leak is controlled by GoalBearing in mind that Cardenas returned the product to the engineer and did not test it at any time.

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