A brutal dust storm with incredible pictures between the warmth of summer and winter snow


December 16, 2021 – 1:01 pm hour

RTL meteorologist talks about severe weather in the USA

“Amargeddon Part 2 could have been shot on a Wednesday in the American Midwest with great photos”says RTL meteorologist Christian Hackl. A terrible sandstorm swept through parts of the United States. The impetus was the harsh weather between icy winters and the warmth of late summer, which bears its name perfectly and provides incredible visuals.

Doomsday mood without a computer

It’s like an apocalypse, but without any computer animation, says Christian Hackl, describing his impressions transmitted through photos and social networks as well as weather data. Häckl continues: “A brutal dust storm hit many states like Kansas and Nebraska. It was caused by weeks of drought and record-breaking warm temperatures with values ​​of around 25 degrees, even in the northern United States.” So, for example, west of Chicago, where blizzards at this time tend to rage at -10 degrees below zero.

How did this extraordinary mixed situation arise?

Hackl on this: “A violent storm formed at the boundary of the air mass between the warmth of late summer and winter air, over the western United States, i.e. in Montana as well as North and South Dakota, and it raised a lot of dust with gusts of up to 120 km / h over many 10,000 square kilometers.” Now these massive contradictions are defused, because great warmth Withdrawal – according to meteorologists – by the end of the week in the southeastern USA and will be replaced by frost air in large parts of the US by Monday.

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