A billionaire king and fortune this is a mystery

The ghost of Diana, the woman loved by all but her husband, will always haunt Windsor Castle. The deceased stole people’s affection when she revealed that the then-Prince was cheating on her with Camilla.

Now billionaire Carlos III, An arrogant Sparti who leads noble causes, will not only have to restore the appreciation of the British, but will also have to change old habits to cement the crown.

His lavish life, his voyages on luxury yachts, his large entourage and some of his gestures, such as asking for help to unprotected families in a charity ceremony, atop a golden throne, provide arguments for those who question him.

Although Great Britain is proud to live by its traditions and polls show nearly 70 percent approve of the monarchy, it will not be easy for the new king to replace a queen who has achieved the feat of being respected and admired by her subjects. Seven decades. But there are other times. He will have to deal with social networks scrutinizing everything, institutions that seemed untouchable and credible now, and he will not be able to ignore the social protest that demands transparency.

Terrible diseases that can indicate inflammation of the hands of King Carlos III. – Photo: Oli Scarf/Pool via AP

Specifically, the royal fortune, the largest among the European kingdoms, estimated at about 27 thousand million dollars, is one of the secrets that still resists full disclosure. Only the new king accumulates in his accounts about 1,000 million dollars, according to English media.

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It would be worth paying Carlos III because not everything is inherited. While his mother had always delegated management of his assets, he preferred to take charge of his finances once he assumed the title of Prince of Wales. He put together a strong team of more than a hundred professionals and managed to double his portfolio. It owns and rents hundreds of apartments in London and elsewhere, as well as about 50,000 hectares of land. He also owns stakes in various companies.

But his money is fattening against him when English governments tightened their belts on their citizens in the 2008 economic crisis, and kept some of their investments in tax havens in the Caribbean.

Payment to the public treasury is another black point. While his subjects must pay a 40 percent estate tax, his estate is not obligated to pay a penny. If he did, it would be voluntarily, as happened in 1992, when the Prince of Wales, together with the Queen, decided to contribute to the treasury, but the figure is ambiguous. The change in attitude was prompted by the accidental fire at Windsor Castle, the King’s official residence.

King Carlos III in front of his mother's coffin
King Carlos III in front of his mother’s coffin – Photo: Jane Barlow/Pool Photo via AP

Because of the lamp burning a curtain, many of the dependencies burned down and when it became known that repairs would require astronomical numbers, which the state would assume, public opinion was outraged by the empty contribution of the royal house to the treasury. They didn’t even cover their expenses. At that time they announced that they would pay taxes.

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Aside from his business, Carlos III also earns impressive numbers for the Crown Estate, a group of estates and farms that belong to the Crown and bring in great benefits. Twenty-five percent of all profits go to the royal family, in varying proportions depending on their rank, for travel, lodging and personal expenses. According to Forbes, the amount was $101 million in 2020. Among them, Carlos received 28 million, while his son Guillermo received 4.

A paradoxical man, who promotes recycling clothes so as not to generate waste that nature does not absorb and sets an example for himself, but who can change his clothes five times a day and waste his wonderful tastes. Charter the luxury yacht Leander, with 24 crew members, for an official tour, with Camilla, of the Commonwealth of Caribbean countries.

On another occasion, he flew to New York, with an entourage of 20 people, in a chartered Airbus, with room and bathroom with shower on board, just to get a prize. From Tuesday, when the official farewell to his mother ends, a different reign for the British crown will begin. Carlos III will face the challenge of ensuring his survival.

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