8 Powerful Notes in Alex Trebeek’s Diary

8 Powerful Notes in Alex Trebeek's Diary
For 37 seasons, Trebek served as host for the joint contest show “Jeopardy!” In a career spanning more than 8,200 episodes, the former journalist has become an icon of curiosity and the search for knowledge. For decades, viewers would watch five nights a week to see the familiar face on their screens. His arrival is immeasurable – people learn English from watching the show.
Sunday morning, “danger!” Advertise That Trebek died from a years-long battle with pancreatic cancer. Just four months ago, he published his memoir, The Answer … Reflections on My Life.

In it he wrote about coping with his diagnosis, legacy, and understanding of death.

As viewers around the world mourn the number, here’s a look back at his most memorable notes in the diary.

About ending his career as host of “Jeopardy!”

“No matter how I feel before the show, when I get out there forgets everything because there is a show to be done. However, I know there will come a time when I will not be able to answer this bell. I know there will be come at a time when I can no longer do “My job as a host – do it in addition to the job requirements, as I ask for it. Part of it is my body. Standing on your feet for 11 hours two days in a row is difficult for someone who is about to turn 80, even without getting tired from chemotherapy.”

In his battle with pancreatic cancer

“Interestingly, the longer I live with cancer, the more my definition of stiffness changes. I used to think that not crying means you were tough. Now I think crying means you are tough. It means you are strong enough. To be honest and fragile. It means. You are not pretending. ”

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We acceptG His death

“I don’t like to use the terms“ fight ”or“ fight ”when talking about cancer. It indicates that there are only two outcomes:“ win ”and“ lose. ”This is nonsense. I understand why we humans choose to see cancer in these terms. It is easier to understand and less. Horror, if we see experience as a boxing match, and disease as an opponent, he may be defeated by willpower and absolute determination.

About death itself

Quick facts on Alex Trebek

“But when death does happen, it does. Why should I fear it? Now, if it involved physical suffering, I might fear it. But, according to my doctor, that is the purpose of caring for the dying. They want to achieve it as much as it can be. Moving on to whatever future you believe in. Am I a believer? Well, I think we are all part of the Great Spirit – what some call God. We are God, and God is us.

On his legacy

“But I suppose if I had to answer, I’d say I would like to be remembered first and foremost as a good, loving husband and father, and also as a decent man who did his best to help people perform at their best. Because that was my job. That’s what the host was supposed to do.” .

In his last few days

Why is pancreatic cancer so deadly

“Yeah, I would be totally happy if this is how my story ends: Sitting on a swing with the woman I love, my soulmate, and our two adorable two kids around. I’ll be sitting there for a while and then maybe with all four we will go for a walk, every day trying to walk farther A little bit of the past. We’ll take things step by step, day after day. Actually, I think I’ll be sitting in the swing for some time now. The weather is beautiful – the sun shines in a fair-looking sky and there’s no cloud in sight. ”

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