7 trends for corporate digital transformation

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Digital transformation is often driven by customer expectations. It only makes sense for companies to comply in order to thrive. It’s not a fad that companies can ignore.

This is evidenced by the way companies have changed course in the last two years of the pandemic. Business models and processes have been transformed to meet sudden changes and different requirements. In fact, various industries have emerged and prospered due to these changes.

The trends of digital transformation are clear Based on WalkeMe search results using BuzzSumo, an online analytics tool. They found this out in their research The most talked about technologies last year were artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality.

Here are the digital transformations you can expect to emerge or continue to thrive in the coming months:

1. Blockchain

Blockchain has been around for years and is already used in various industries outside of the financial industries. We can only hope that more companies will join. With this demand, we will see a greater influx of blockchain education as more companies try to keep up.

2. Data protection and security

According to Statista, as of January 2021, there are 4.66 billion internet users worldwide. As of January 2022, that number has risen to 4.95 billion Internet users, according to DataReportal. This represents a 6% increase in just one year. How will this affect online business?

More people online means a Increased demand for data protection and security. Online business owners should have already set this up in the first place, but this year, customers are becoming more and more aware of the security of their data.

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From time to time, Facebook encounters issues with a security breach. A security flaw by a big company, as Facebook generates a growing demand from online users for better security and data protection online. But customer information is only half of the equation. Beside Business owners need to protect their customers’ data, you need to protect yours too.

Make sure your work is safe. Use password protection, trusted cloud software, and payment channels you can trust.

3. Hybrid workplace

The pandemic has proven that a virtual workplace is possible. But it also showed that the work-from-home setup isn’t ideal for everyone. The solution is a mixed workplace. Although the epidemic appears to be subsiding, More companies will adapt to the mixed workplace this year, not only for health reasons but also for resource efficiency and cost reduction.

This could also mean that More attention will be given (and required) to the mental health of workers as they struggle with the ever-changing work and home environment.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

More business solutions will be powered by AI. In fact, through research WalkMe conducted with Buzzsumo, they found that the most talked about revolutionary technology in 2021 is artificial intelligence. Better AI means more relevant and targeted ads, a better customer service experience, and an efficient workforce. This means more potential income.

5. Automation

Artificial intelligence and automation always work hand in hand. More business solutions will be powered by AI for analytics, data protection, security, and search algorithms. Business will become more efficient this year as more work is automated. This leads to a more efficient workforce. This is also the reason why companies are able to provide mixed workplaces.

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Next to, As the workforce becomes smaller, this will eventually lead to some being pushed into self-employment.

6.5 grams

There are many different opinions and conspiracies regarding 5G, but either way we will see more information and awareness about it. Conspiracy theories won’t always go away, but people will be more clear about what they are and what they aren’t. This means that the more people learn about it, the more people will accept it.

More networks and devices are already moving to 5G to meet the growing demand for a faster connection, But 5G is more than just a faster connection. 5G technology will change industries, not just mobile phones, due to lower latency. 5G is a game changer in the development of mobile devices and machines.

7. Digital Banking

Conventional banks should innovate, Or they will be left behind with digital banking and blockchain solutions.

2022 is the year of more:

Online payment channels.

Online loan applications and approvals.

– Cashless payment transactions.

Online identification.

– Using online banking applications is faster and easier.

Although we’ve seen it in the last couple of years because of the pandemic, This year, banks should invest more in online banking solutions.

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