7 Feminine ‘Star Wars’ People That Should have Their Own Tv set Series

Star Wars is now a enormous franchise that spans in excess of the course of around four many years. People have been released and lost, and many others have stood the test of time to grow to be fan favorites. And with Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, the franchise has continued to develop in latest several years, most notably with the debut of Disney+. 

Now there are television sequence outside the house of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. The Mandalorian opened up the franchise to dwell-motion collection, with numerous a lot more in the performs. There’s the Cassian Andor collection and Obi-Wan series, together with a rumored one about Lando Calrissian. 

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Though all of these audio excellent and continue on to appear at beloved characters, there aren’t any that are woman-led coming up (that we know of). So, below are seven superb Star Wars characters that also deserve their possess demonstrate also. 

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1. Mara Jade

Mara Jade has one particular of the coolest tales and followers have been aching to see her in motion for a while. She’s only existed in Legends books and comics, which are no longer canon, but there is absolutely an option to provide her into the better Star Wars universe. Mara Jade was the moment a smuggler for Emperor Palpatine and was sent to destroy Luke Skywalker immediately after Palpatine’s dying in Return of the Jedi

Nevertheless, she went rogue. Force-sensitive Mara Jade does stop up assembly Luke, and they drop in adore. In Legends, they get married and she took the last identify Skywalker as properly. In purchase to deliver her into canon, the franchise would have to tweak her story due to the fact her son was Ben (and given that Ben Solo presently exists, they’d have to scratch that). But there is a ton of Luke’s lifetime enthusiasts haven’t noticed. Moreover, the sequence could be about her life in advance of Luke. It is the excellent likelihood to take a look at this distinctive kind of Drive-delicate unique, somebody who worked carefully with Palpatine. 

2. Vi Moradi

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Vi is a person of the lesser-recognised Star Wars people simply because her existence is tied to Disney Park’s Galaxy’s Edge. She’s a spy for the Resistance, and exists in the time period of time suitable all over the sequel trilogy (which is also the time interval Galaxy’s Edge’s lore exists). She has operate-ins with Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, and is an all-about great spy. Whilst lovers are getting a spy narrative with the Cassian Andor series, this would be a good chance to see a related story in a various war. 

3. Rae Sloane

Rae Sloane is a loyal captain of the Empire, and then the Very first Buy, and her tale would be a whole 180-flip appear at the conflict. It’s no mystery that Star Wars has some of the best Large Bads of all time. But when it will come to the protagonists or the stories told, it is largely from the stage of view of the “good” aspect. And even though the Dim Facet is inherently terrible, and the Empire is symbolism for a fascist routine, having a glance at that poor facet could be great. 

There are comics and publications about that facet, like the kinds Rae Sloane seems in (Aftermath sequence, amid other people). But in Tv set or movie variety, it is not explored typically. Sloane’s story is a fantastic location to do this. She is a determined and bold member of the Empire, and then Very first Get she is humanized and formulated. A collection about her would give that other point of view and concentrate on a actually adorned member of the Empire’s armed forces. 

4. Trilla Suduri

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This would be a further sequence that would acquire a appear at anyone on the Dim Aspect. Trilla produced her 1st appearance in the 2019 movie activity Jedi: Fallen Buy and is the Inquisitor, Next Sister. But she did start off as a Jedi. She was a Padawan to Cere when Purchase 66 took place and the Clone Wars ended. They had been hoping to cover Jedi Youngling from the Empire, but ended up captured. 

Although Cere escaped, Trilla was taken into the Inquisitorius. This was a common observe the moment the Empire took more than, where by Drive-delicate persons were being turned into Jedi-hunting Inquisitors. In some cases they were Jedi that they turned (like Trilla), but not normally. A series about her would be interesting and get a search at (once more) the internal workings of the Empire. 

5. Rose Tico

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Inspite of remaining the matter of on line detest opinions, Rose Tico is a relatively heroic character. She honored her sister’s memory by jumping on a mission with Finn, and practically life and breathes for the Resistance. Her character was compensated dust in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but a series would be a excellent way to continue on the character’s legacy (and give her some good storylines). 

6. Asajj Ventress

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One particular of the saddest pieces of The Clone Wars’ cancellation in 2013 was that Asajj Ventress’ tale was by no means completed. Now, the cancellation intended that no one’s tales have been completed, however, Asajj’s is specifically sad mainly because she was this kind of a elaborate villain. And with the seventh season, Ahsoka and Rex’s Clone Wars journeys ended up ready to be concluded.

However, in the time that admirers didn’t see her, she experienced some seriously interesting adventures. After serving to Ahsoka in Time 5, she finished up possessing an affair and a pretty intriguing marriage with Jedi Grasp Quinlan Vos. It is all in the Dark Disciple novel that was produced with Ventress’s remaining 8-aspect tale arc for The Clone Wars. She genuinely is one particular of the coolest people to arrive out of Star Wars and is in dire require of this series. Are living-motion or animated would do just wonderful. 

7. Ahsoka Tano


And finally, Ahsoka Tano demands to have her have clearly show. Issue blank. She has established herself as one particular of the most important characters in the franchise, with arcs spanning many years, which is some thing only a handful of people can assert. Remaining Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, she has an essential area in Star Wars canon, but she also established her own ideal as a important section of this earth. 

With this location in the franchise, there are so a lot of rumors surrounding the character. It is only a make any difference of time, at this stage, until finally she gets her very own sequence, but what could it be about? Her novel, Ahsoka, follows her a 12 months just after The Clone Wars finished, so a sequence could glance at her early times as a spy in the Rebel Alliance. And the 15 a long time among then and Star Wars Rebels is untouched, far too. Or perhaps a series could be just after Period 4 of Rebels, displaying what she did just after Malachor. 

Regardless of what they select, Ahsoka’s story will keep on to add to the intricate Star Wars franchise. Any just one of these people would be a excellent addition as perfectly. 

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