7 Best iPhone Apps for Students


Forget about headaches and let the best apps for students make your life easier.

The student life It can be very stressful, as the responsibility is charged between get tasks donestudy for Get good grades in examsproject development and more. All this while searching for life balance Academic, personal, social and work.

To help students in their process, they created it Multiple applications They provide great help in Organizing and developing activities.

In this space we will tell you what files Best apps for students Available in the software store. Go for it!

Get the best performance out of your academic activities with these apps for students for iPhone

Applications for university students

  • My Study Life – School Planner
  • Evernote
  • OFFTIME: Disconnect and Enjoy
  • quote generator
  • Be Focused – Timer Focus
  • Ventonic | Save and finance yourself
  • writeMicrosoft ToDo

This is a list with 7 best apps for students. With them, you can better organize and receive your pending notifications so you don’t miss any task and Avoid missing the deadline.

It also provides finance regulator It helps to focus fully on activities.

My Study Life – School Planner

My Study Life: The Perfect School Planner

My Study Life: The Perfect School Planner

Through this application, you will have a file Homework Magazine It will allow you to carry more control and regulation About the activities to be submitted.

With it you can Appreciate pending assignments Check dates, better organize topics for study and even You will receive notifications So that your homework is not late.


Evernote: Keeping up with everyday tasks

Evernote: Keeping up with everyday tasks

This is undoubtedly one of the Best apps for students It exists, because thanks to it you can organize ideas and content, being a great support when copying class notes and you can even attach photos, notes, audios, videos, links, PDFs …

This app can also Sync with all your devicesThis way you can study anywhere and anytime you want.

And if that wasn’t enough, Evernote can be associated with Google Calendar In this way Organize tasks And annotations directly with your agenda.

OFFTIME: Disconnect and Enjoy

OFFTIME: Have fun

OFFTIME: Have fun

To avoid falling into temptation Constantly using a mobile phoneThe application has been developed out of timeWhich helps you to disconnect your phone through blocking. This lock for a certain time you can do Configure according to your study hours.

This system Improve your focus by 100%not only in the pending tasks, but also helps you to communicate and enjoy it Vigil is here and now.

quote generator

Prepare papers and accreditation to APA standards using Citation Generator

Prepare papers and accreditation to APA standards using Citation Generator

The APA قواعد Grammar (The American Psychological Association for its English acronym) has become over time a nuisance to many students when putting any of them In-text quotes in tasks and projects.

However, these concerns came to an end. With this app, you will be able to find out what a file is The right way to write business and individual investigations standardization and standardization.

In short, you will be able to print spreadsheets, Set appointments with the appropriate structure And enter references according to the standards set by him APA قواعد Grammar.

Be Focused – Timer Focus

Manage your tasks and stay focused with Be Focused

Manage your tasks and stay focused with Be Focused

With this application you can Focus deeply on your tasks s Time Management You perform it by checking social networks or looking at the screen of your mobile device.

The purpose of the application is Regulating the time of use on your device, and adjust the blocking period based on the goals you want to achieve.

Also, you can perform Short or long pausespostpone, pause, or start blocking, set due dates for tasks, and more.

Ventonic | Save and finance yourself

Fintonic: Your Money Ally

Fintonic: Your Money Ally

A student’s life is not only about handling homework, but also paying for the resources that will be used is also part of the process, such as house rentcredit card payments, food expensesHome services, among others…

With the stress of testing and job delivery, it is very easy for us to neglect our finances. Fortunately, there FentonApplication Manage your capital.

Himself Connect your banks s Study your capital Available during the month, plus Fixed expenses you need. This way, the user will have a better knowledge of what is already available. Avoid debt.

Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft To Do: Your Daily Planner

Microsoft To Do: Your Daily Planner

In order to find a balance between your academic and personal duties, Microsoft ToDo gives you digital regulator In cash, you can add all the earrings you have and customize them in the best way.

Organize them by colorand add notes and Files up to 25MB Weight and hook your earrings prospectsOnly then can you access your organizer from any device.

You see, so are you Student apps It provides great convenience and ease in the student’s life, by being able to effectively organize their academic and personal grades, homework and pending issues. What are you waiting to download it?

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