5 Kodi Christmas 2020 Renewal Skins

Kodi is an excellent multimedia player that allows us to enjoy content that we have stored on external devices or on a local network, as well as watch streaming content over the Internet. The Facade of the Kodi Estuary, Which is installed by default, can sometimes be inconvenient to use. Therefore, we will see which surfaces we can additionally install. To install the skin, we just have to download the skin zip, go to AdditionsAnd give to Install from a zip file.


We start with the Christmas lashes. With a somewhat childish twist, we find the backdrops and Christmas decorations for the best Christmas atmosphere. The skin is also compatible with displaying content in HDR, Dolby Atmos, and DTS: X format if we add the corresponding names .atmos, .hdr, or .dtsx to display on the screen.

Could you Download Zigtropolis here (link in third post).

Titan Benji

One of the newest and most popular variants of Kodi. The most striking thing is that its interface is very similar to Netflix, as it displays content from movies and series, as well as information about them. The interface can be customized to operate even trailers. Perfect if you use Kodi to watch Amazon Prime VideoOr Netflix or other streaming platforms with additional functionality.

Could you Download Titan Bingie here.

Eminence 2 Mod

Popular skin developed by a jury that, unfortunately, has stopped developing. To keep it running, a Kodi user named Alanon modified it to adapt it to work with versions based on the Kodi 18 Leia, the latest stable release available. The interface is very easy to use and an improvement in design to the one included by default.

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Could you Download the Eminence 2 Mod here.

Arctic Zephyr 2

Light and simple skin with elegant design. The interface has both round and modern menus. The interface is ideal for running on low-power devices if you decide to Install Kodi on the console Or on a Raspberry Pi, as there might be performance issues with other surfaces.

Could you Download Arctic Zephyr 2 here.

Aeon MQ 8

One of the best and latest skins available for Kodi. The latest version available is version 8, and it has a new icon that makes it light and feature-packed. Plus, it features a dark theme to avoid damaging our eyesight.

Could you Download Aeon M8 here.

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