5 Comedy Series to Enjoy on Weekend Laughs

You’re browsing Netflix and looking for something light and fun to watch. Netflix’s huge library can be intimidating, especially when you’re looking for a good comedy amidst a sea of ​​shoddy content. Don’t worry, we will help you!

Below you will find a short list of the best comedies on Netflix including great masterpieces and really interesting indie games.

One of the best comedy shows of the 21st century, Community is the product of great originality and emotion thanks to being a meta sitcom that defies any easy rating or qualification. The story tells the story of a group of Stranger students from Greendale, a lavish community college, heightening their relationship more and more by enduring increasingly comedic adventures. You can watch all six seasons on Netflix, so it’s the perfect time to get to know the fact that you haven’t watched it before (or watched it for the thousandth time).

In some friends, one-sided happy endings, but all combined to perfection. New Girl is a highly regarded sitcom about the adventures of an unusual teacher (Zooey Deschanel) who moves to Los Angeles and begins living with three men. But the show soon turned into a buddy-like relationship comedy, complete with a will of its own dictated by an impromptu style that led to some unique and special moments.

The Netflix animated comedy Big Mouth is incredibly candid and incredibly sweet. The show is a cheeky look at teenage life, with a particular focus on the changes that occur at the onset of puberty. Loosely inspired by the experiences of the show’s creators, the main characters are seventh graders who experience everything from growth spurts to excitement, with the latter embodied by a “hormone monster” who has arrived to guide them through their transition into teenage life.

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try to Imagine Lost as a sitcom, more philosophical depth and a lot of humor, and here’s The Good Place. The sitcom created by Michael Shore is set in the afterlife where Eleanor Schillstrup, a recently deceased woman who lived a selfish and spiteful life, accidentally ends up in a ‘good place’. With the help of her companion Chedi, she tries to learn how to be a better person while watching flashbacks to Eleanor’s life and the lives of those around her. Meanwhile, the architect of The Good Place, Michael, tries to understand why everything in this utopia is going the way it is. Really interesting and unmissable comedy.

Undoubtedly One of the best comedy series everArrested Development was way ahead of its time when it debuted in 2003. His satirical sense of humor now seems in tune with the modern state of the genre, but at the time it was incredibly different, initially leading to the expected cancellation. But Netflix revived the series in 2013 with mixed results, but with two more seasons to go until the fifth.

Speaking of Netflix, these days, Geeked Week is also taking place where many news will be presented on the streaming platform and among them there is a lot of hype for the launch of The Cuphead Show, the series taken from popular video game Reminiscent of Felicischer cartoons of the 1930s. Finally, here are 30 titles to watch on Netflix to celebrate Pride Month.

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