30,000-year-old mammoth calves preserved in Canada | technology

This week they stumbled upon an impressive find in northern Canada, a well-preserved frozen baby mammoth. This is the most complete specimen found in North America.

It happened in the Yukon Territory, northern Canada, roughly on the border with Alaska. And it wasn’t during the investigation, it was While miners were digging in land belonging to the original Trʼondëk Hwëchʼ, they found a huge, perfectly preserved frozen calf.

and that is This area is already famous for being the source of discoveries of Ice Age speciesbut this is the most complete to date found in North America. A 30,000-year-old giant called “Nun Chu Ja”which means big baby animal.

“We are pleased with this important discovery of a mummified woolly mammoth calf: Nun cho ga. Without strong partnerships between the Trondik-Huchin miners and the Yukon government, such discoveries cannot occur,” said Yukon Minister of Culture and Tourism Rang Pillai, who was also involved in sample picture.

What will happen to the mammoth calf?

As mentioned NoticePublished in local media, this would be a rare find. They noted, “The Yukon has a world-famous fossil record of Ice Age fauna, but mummy remains of fur and pelts have rarely been discovered.”

Moreover, they reported that Over the next few months, the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin community and the Yukon government will work together to conserve, learn about, and spread this species..

Yukon paleontologist Dr. Grant Zazula noted, “Nun Chu is beautiful and one of the most amazing stuffed animals ever discovered in the world in the Ice Age. I am excited to get to know her more.”

Data collected so far Indicates that the sample will be female And that its size and age are similar to the 42,000-year-old woolly mammoth “Lyuba” discovered in Siberia in 2007.

In addition to geologists from the Yukon Geological Survey and the University of Calgary, Achieved successful extraction of frozen mammoth on site. They concluded that Nun cho ga died and froze in permafrost during the Ice Age

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