2020 US Open Ranking Table Collapse: Justin Thomas and Patrick Reed put themselves in competition on Thursday

Top of the leaderboard during the first round of the 2020 US Open is full of superstar power, with world number 3 Justin Thomas leading the field through 18 holes and four golfers in the top ten in the official world golf rankings – Thomas, Patrick Reed, Rory McCleroy , And Zander Shavili – They all form part of the Top 10 Leaderboards in Winged Foot.

Thomas launched the Inaugural Round of the Top 5 Under 65 Players to start his week, playing a flawless first round with only one ghost and six birds.

“It was a really solid round of golf,” he said after the tour. “It’s one of the best rounds I’ve played in a while to the tee. There are some things here and there that could have definitely been better, but I made sure all the mistakes went wrong, and that’s what you have to do in the US Open.” .

Reid, Thomas Peters and Matthew Woolf are from T2 to Round 1, behind Thomas (-5) with just one stroke. McIlroy, Lee Westwood and Louis Oosthuizen are under 3 and T5.

It was a surprising day on the track compared to expectations. Winged Foot was expected to give golfers a quick, rough, treacherous spell this week, and talk of a more-than-average score in the final round in the run-up to Thursday was widely discussed. However, 20 golfers are wearing the red zone as we head into Friday as sports stars take advantage of the conditions and settings.

“You hit the ball very well,” McIlroy told the Golf Channel summarizing his tour. “I kept it playing, hitting a lot of greens, hitting a lot of lanes, and did whatever it takes to do the US Open. I kind of stepped off the golf course today a little disappointed; I felt like I could drop. But before starting Today if someone gave me 67, I would accept it. “

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CBS Sports has been with you all the way to update this story with everything that happened in the first round. You can read that below after we’ve broken down the major names in the US Open 18-hole leaderboard.

1. Justin Thomas (-5): Control play and your shots will be key this week, and that’s exactly what Thomas did to take the lead with 18 holes. T8 finished between the field in hitting the lanes and T7 in the Greens in regulation, diverting some big chances with his racket when he needed. He went in Birdie-Birdie-Birdie Holes 9-11 and finished with 3 Under 32’s on the back.

T2. Patrick Reed (-4): Day Reid turned in a hurry to the front nine. He made a double hole in the fifth hole of the Par-4, earned the sixth, and then made his first two holes per second on the par-3 7th to get below level. From there, he played another 11 holes in 3 Under without Ghost.

T2. Matthew Wolf, Thomas Peters (-4): After hitting his first hit of the day at No. 10, Woolf dashed to get a flying streak from 11-13 to climb back into the competition and positioned from T2 to round 1. He’s been fragile in his approach and tough around the Greens, too, getting 1.45 A hit in the field. On the other hand, Peters struggled around the Greens but hit the field away from the tee in his approach. He finished his last nine with 2 free ghosts under.

T5. Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and Louis Oostuisen (-3): Rory led the field in the Greens strikes in regulation – by 83% – and in the strokes he got the tee. He was particularly impressive in 3 seconds too, with the four of them playing at 3 under. It was the perfect mix of strength and dexterity for him as he was doing it all, and while he said he felt he could have gone further, that mix of talent could have helped him win this week if he kept shooting all the cylinders.

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T8. Zander Shavili and five others (-2): Schauffele put together 34 seconds behind and forward nine to reach the club with 2-less than 68 in the day, T8 with Jason Kocrack, Brendon Todd, Harris English, Rafa Cabrera Bello and Joaquin Nyman. He was among the best in the field on Thursday, taking 2.7 hits on the field with his racket.

T14. Bryson Deschamps, Ricky Fowler, John Ram and five others (-1): As promised, DeChambeau was off the jump, finishing seventh in the field on the punches he got from the tee. Fowler was in control early on and played well in his approach, hitting eight lanes and finishing the top six in the beaten Greens in the organization. Ram, however, led the field in the Greens hit in the organization. He’s played a very clean 1-under role with some ups and downs expected to start before settling. He made only 1 Ghost Card and 10 Pars in his last 11th.

T71. Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and 19 others (+3): What started as a rather promising round 1 – a nine-forward score of 1 above and a bird’s-eye 9 – quickly turned into a disaster for the Tiger. He fouled on 13, 14 and 17 and then made a double foul on 18 after he missed a close, lamenting his end after the round. DJ was ups and downs the whole time and rebounded from a double ghost in fourth place to play his fourteenth at the end. The FedEx Cup champion was T11 in driving distance but struggled with control, hitting only six of 14 potential tracks.

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