2020 election: Trump gains over Biden in Pennsylvania, and extends the lead in Ohio

President Donald Trump made gains over Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and expanded his advance in Ohio – two important battlefield states that could be pivotal in determining the November election result.

In Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump rose from 44.7 percentage points on October 25 to 45.1 percentage points on October 26. Biden fell 0.1 percentage point over the same period, according to FiveThirtyEightTrack survey.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, the president’s rate rose from 47.9 percent on October 25 to 48.0 percent on October 26, extending his advance in the state to 1.6 percent. And former Vice President Biden fell 0.1 percent during the same period.

With only one week left on Election Day, Biden, 77, still has a strong edge over the 74-year-old president, both nationally and in conflict states.

Mr Trump has everything to do if he wants to turn the tide, win re-election, and avoid joining a small number of presidents so as not to guarantee a second term.

While the president’s gains in Pennsylvania and Ohio are marginal, the poll shows a narrow race in two states that could be a major starting point on the candidates’ path to the White House.

Both men told their campaign rallies that whoever wins in Pennsylvania, the “rust belt” state in the country’s northeast, may end up in the Oval Office next year.

On a hectic campaign day on Tuesday, Biden and Trump will move from country to country, with the latter venturing into a traditionally conservative area.

With a 9 percent lead in national polls and brimming with confidence, the former vice president will head to Georgia, which has supported a Republican candidate in every election year since Bill Clinton came to power in 1992.

Trump will hold rallies in three states key to his hopes for re-election: Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

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