10 years later, I got addicted to this Android game: I’ll tell you why


I, who is not a mobile phone person, am addicted to a game that has been on the Play Store since 2012. I am late, but I will tell you why you should try it.

You might think I’m late but I just got hooked on a game released in 2012 It has been popular for many years. His name is Hayday And it sure sounds like you, because it has already amassed over 100 million downloads just in the Google Play Store. If you don’t know, I will tell you that it is a free game for which the user is responsible Take care of a farm with many, many items to consider.

It’s been 10 years since its release, but this game still has the interest of millions of players. And he is nothing less, because he knows how to reinvent himself from time to time New mechanics, new items to buy, and new competitions To compete with other users. In short, despite my being late, Hay Day has become a game that I spend a lot of time in every day. I will tell you why.

Hay Day, the game that caught me in the middle of 2022

Years after its release, I became addicted to Hay Day.

I have to start my story by explaining that I’m not usually someone who plays a lot with a mobile phone. Behind some titles like Asphalt 9: LegendsI’m not usually fond of gaming on a smartphone. When I do that, I have a habit Stop playing after a few days for not paying attention.

However, on the recommendation of a relative, I decided to try Hay Day a few weeks ago, and I’m still playing. The main reason is the game mechanics, which makes I play several times a day To complete pending challenges – for example, completing an order – collect crops that have already expired and order new foods to be produced.

Hay Day: Tips and Tricks to Get Everything Faster

Also, while playing, you receive experience points that are used to move to a new level, and in this way, you can access new buildings for food and production. So, The more you work, the easier and faster it will be to access these new items Which we all want to achieve. Yes in deed , To buy animals and buildings we need moneywhich brings us back to demand and other kinds of challenges, like live derby, because they’re the biggest sources of income.

This aforementioned neighborhood is also a good way Share the game with other users. You can join other players to help each other out. For example, if you need specific boat products, you can talk to your neighbors to sell them. This is the place The store plays its part: Each user has his own file Good tool to make money.

The farm is not the only area we see at the beginning of the game. As we level up, we can Unlock other areas, such as hunting area or village. Of course, there are decorative elements that allow you to give your farmhouse your own style. They also play an important role Diamonds are a type of currency that we can do Some exclusive featuressuch as pushing the wheel of food preparation.

In short, Hay Day managed to catch up with me because it Simple but very entertaining game, which constantly challenges you to achieve new challenges. In addition, it is perfectly playable without spending money at any time, and is accessible in this sense. On the other hand, it is also a positive point We don’t need a mobile phone with great power for you to play.

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