10 Websites Saved in Favorites and Visited Every Day

If you don’t know what the classic Wordle consists of, it’s a game where We’ll have to guess the wordBut for this we will have a series of limited attempts. Each time we click on a letter it will appear in yellow. If we guess its location as well as the letter, it will appear green and it will be easier for us to guess.

Pexels is one of the best website if you want to find it public domain images To use in your designs or in all kinds of publications. The page is completely free and we don’t even need to register to use it.

Its operation is very simple: we will just have to Search your gadget for the keyword(s) That we’re interested in getting in the picture, the site will do its “magic” to launch thousands of similar results.

Here we will not accurately detect fire. Wikipedia is one of the most famous portals on the Internet. And that more than one of us has visited to do some work at school or even at university.

It is worth visiting daily because the web is constantly growing and expanding. Plus, it’s great to learn things you didn’t know. For this, we have an option that works very well, which is Choose to show us a random page of all you have. It is located on the left side of the screen.

We’ve hit even weirder ground with Windows Swap. This page is basically The window camera will appear Every time we press a button. It’s interesting that you don’t stop seeing other parts of the world at that moment without having to get off the couch.

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If we really like the window that appears to us We can save it if we pre-record. We also have the possibility to share the link to a specific window or even search by location if we want (although it does have a cost).

If with Wordle we had a game in which we could have fun quietly, with Gartic Phone we would have Multiplayer experience to enjoy with friends. Its use is completely free, and if you save it to your favorites, you will not stop playing with your friends.

Its operation is very simple: A room is created and each player writes something that someone else draws. The funny thing is that we will have to guess what other people are drawing, the most likely thing is that the drawings will eventually become something completely different from what they started.

To be informed, what is better than Use of Google services? Google News closed its doors a few years ago, but fortunately for us It just reopened a few days ago. The page is the best place we can look for anything.

Best of all, we will have not only international news, but also We can find locally or near us To know all about what surrounds us. Of course, the web will give us recommendations and we will also be able to filter the news by its content.

The State Meteorological Agency (or AEMET) page cannot be missing from your favourites. It’s the best solution we can find on the net To see the time What does he do in a certain place and during some days.

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AEMET is a very integrated website where we can not only see the weather in the localities, But also on the beaches. This will be great for us this summer to see when it will be worth it or not to swim at the beach.

It is very likely that this website is already in your computer favourites, and there are many reasons for this. Chollometro is one of the best places we can go to if we want to know more All offers that appear in different stores.

We will already see on the cover the latest offers that other users have been able to see, but we will also have the option to search for what we want Through its full search engine.

Canva is another one of those sites that should not be missing from your favorites list. This site is one of the best sites we can find on the internet To make all kinds of designsFor personal use and even business.

Its use is completely free and the truth is that it does not contain much mystery. At the top we will find a search engine where we can enter what we want to do, and Canva will throw us Good number of templates us to work from them.

There are many translators on the Internet and if you know how to search, some may be very good. Of course, we’ll hardly ever find one that works as well as Deepl. This free translator is able to Translate texts in multiple languagesnot only English, but also others such as Chinese or Japanese.

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It not only works with the texts we paste on top, but it’s also capable Translate documents in different formats Such as PDF, Word or PowerPoint. A tool that can never be missing from your favorite pages.

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