10 mobile phones in the former General Consul’s bag | Mobile phone | Malayalam News

Thiruvananthapuram: Customs seized 10 cell phones and pens from the bags of the former Consul General of the United Arab Emirates, Jamal Al-Zabi.

Customs decided to conduct further checks as cell phones were already in use.

Customs inspected the bags that were to be sent to Dubai in the cargo section of the airport. Jamal Al-Zoubi, who returned to the UAE last April before he was caught smuggling gold through diplomatic luggage, has not returned since. The defendants testified that Zabi was involved in investigating cases of smuggling gold and dollars.

Customs planned to raid the Consul General’s residence, but refused to do so, arguing that this would lead to a rift between the two countries. Al-Zoubi requested permission to send all his merchandise to Dubai, convinced that he could no longer return to India.

With this, customs decided to check the boy’s belongings, who are now not enjoying diplomatic protection.

Consulate officials came out against the mobile phone confiscation. Despite the row between customs and officials, cell phones and pen tablets were put into customs custody.

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