◉ Results here | Today’s Opportunities Sunday 19 June

Colombian Lottery

Results here | All numbers that were recorded in the drawings corresponding to the chances of the Colombian lottery can be found here.

◉ Results here |  Today's Opportunities Sunday, June 19 |  The numbers that fell in the Colombian lottery
◉ Results here | Today’s Opportunities Sunday, June 19 | The numbers that fell in the Colombian lottery

tonight | The last draws corresponding to the various games of the Colombian lottery chances are carried out and in this note you will be able to find all the information and winning numbers for today, Sunday, June 19.

There will be a new day to draw Las Chances de la Colombian Lottery Today, Sunday, June 19, everything you need to know about the results and winning numbers will be published At the end of the note.

Among the most important raffles out there Astro Luna, Astro Sol, Cafeterito Tarde, Cafeterito, Caribeña, Culona, ​​Dorado and other games.

In addition to the state-specific lotteries, there are a variety of opportunities in Colombia, which have a lower prize but offer multiple opportunities to win because they are held daily.

Opportunities | The results of the Colombian lottery today, Sunday, June 19

The results of the ALL The Chances of Colombia program will be published after a period of draw By clicking here. Although below we leave you the most important opportunities. Click on the names of each lottery to see their results.

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