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21.01.2021 – 08:59

Information Radio

Berlin (OTS)

State Secretary Nils Annen (Social Democratic Party) welcomed the first official acts of the new US president.

On Thursday on RBB’s Inforadio, Annen said America is partnering again.

“We will not always agree with the Biden administration, and as with previous governments, there will be friction. But without the greatest power in the world and the most important democracy in the world, we will not make progress on many issues.

The Social Democrat politician emphasized that climate protection is a humanitarian issue. Annin also welcomed the United States’ declared return to the World Health Organization: that was a message to the entire world.

“Leaving the World Health Organization in the midst of a pandemic was – sorry, the non-diplomatic phrase – probably the craziest decision for Donald Trump.”

Annin said she was confident the dispute over the size of defense spending could be resolved. The budget has increased dramatically in recent years. The American side knows very well what Germany is doing.

“I think we have weaknesses and strengths. We know what we have to work on. But bringing the cooperation back to the center will help us in the end. I think that should be our philosophy.”

You can hear the full interview here:


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