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19.11.2021 – 13:34


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GWM recently launched the “HAVAL 7Million Celebration-Drive Beyond” campaign on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The company announced that it is celebrating global sales of more than 700 million Haval vehicles with vehicle owners around the world.

In this campaign, photos of HAVAL owners around the world are requested with their cars as a model for technical drawings. So far, the campaign has sparked discussion and interest about Haval from users in Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Haval 7 Million Celebrations – Drive Farther

In addition to this campaign, HAVAL has organized many activities for users around the world for whom the brand has become an important part of their lives. For example, it has teamed up with IRONMAN, the popular triathlon competition in Australia, to share a healthy lifestyle with its users. She also sponsored the vice president of the Russian DOTA 2 team, thus winning customers who love esports.

HAVAL has been the best selling SUV brand in China for years. Since HAVAL first sold 500 cars to Italy in 2006, more than 30,000 cars have been sold annually in 2011. This shows that HAVAL laid the foundation for its global sales a decade ago.

GWM has made some improvements to its models over the years. This year, HAVAL JOLION and the third generation of HAVAL H6, HAVAL H6 HEV and other new products were launched all over the world.

“This car is definitely stylish, and with its amazing blue color, it reflects a positive attitude towards life,” said the owner of the Russian car, Haval Jolyon. “The Haval H6 is a machine like no other, it is very versatile, comfortable and powerful, I own it and it has been proven to work,” said Mario Arias from Australia.

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Haval was created by rule za, the most important auto broker in Russia, has been rated as “Chinese Leading Brand” and won the 16th National SUV Award 2021 for the 4X4 Club. Australian Trade Journal car sale He praised it during a test drive and called it “the best Chinese car in Australia so far”.

HAVAL has become the preferred choice of users in Australia, Russia and South Africa. After entering emerging markets such as Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Brunei, the company has established a sales network covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

All this explains why HAVAL has sold more than 700 million vehicles.

According to GWM’s official announcement, new models like the HAVAL Dagou and HAVAL H6S will make their world debuts next month, which is another exciting news.

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