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The main target of the S-550 mobile missile defense system, which is currently being developed in Russia, will be the US X-37 unmanned spacecraft capable of carrying nuclear warheads. reported by RIA Novosti Citing two sources in the military-industrial complex.

According to the agency’s axes, the S-550 will specialize in the destruction of ballistic and orbital space objects, including nuclear warheads of intercontinental missiles. He stressed that among the typical targets of the Russian missile defense system can be named gliders and hypersonic UAVs, such as the X-37.

It is noteworthy that the new system will in fact be a modification of the S-500 with a specialization in the interception of ballistic and orbital targets.

Former military commentator tast Dmitriy Litovkin TellThe Russian S-550 missile defense system is likely to work on the principle of kinetic interception of targets, which will eliminate the formation of “nuclear ash” over the heads of the Russian population when intercepting enemy missiles such as the United States. The author notes that “in the case of the missile defense system of the USSR, nuclear warheads were intercepted over the central industrial zone of the country by a nuclear counterdetonation.” “Everything burned in a cloud of plasma – booby traps and warheads themselves. Thus, “nuclear ash” still fell on the country. Logically, the S-550 would operate on a different principle – kinetic interception, ”the observer is sure.

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