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Jeffelsburg – The Story Booster brings the stories of coaches, consultants, and small businesses to the world so they can make more money from new clients. A proven system to build trust with potential new customers ensures a higher conversion rate. This could be more calendar appointments, more sales, or more website visitors. The Story Booster is a service product for Growth Agency Strohm and Brandt GbR from Gevelsberg.

Agency founder Oliver Brandt affirms: “You’re the expert and Story Booster ensures that your potential new customers find out too!”

The Story Booster allows people to share in the skills and success of coaches, consultants, and small businesses. He talks about their solutions, products, and achievements. The Story Booster (https://storybooster.de/) invites interested parties to participate in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Brand engagement becomes a game changer in customer acquisition

The values ​​and stories are presented by Story Booster on the websites of the big and well known brands on the internet. Entrepreneurs or companies are identified as

– Perfect problem solver – Perfect service provider or supplier – Professional and reliable partner – Great business owner

The resulting brand association provides the confidence that potential new customers often lack. These small advances often make the crucial difference to whether or not the first step in customer acquisition is crowned with success.

Use Google search to easily find new prospects and double your new customer acquisition rate

Co-owner Oliver Brandt explains, “What do nearly all potential new customers do after their first point of contact with a new contact? Exactly: They google the coach, company, or product name.”

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“If an entrepreneur immediately draws the attention of a potential new customer as a ‘star’, ‘expert’ or ‘professional’ based on well-known media headlines, this causes an increased rate of closing, registration or termination!” Oliver Brandt confirms.

The Story Booster (https://storybooster.de/) is a worthwhile building block for customer acquisition. In this way, online reputation can be maximized quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, valuable trust can be built, profitable reach can be achieved and overall conversion rate increased. Plus, using Story Booster is easy and stress-free, since just about everything is a “ready-for-you” service.

From now on, Story Booster will optionally publish the stories of coaches, consultants and small businesses in Austria and Switzerland. In addition, there is also the possibility of global distribution in English.

On the website www.storybooster.de (https://storybooster.de/) you will find detailed customer experiences and the possibility of arranging a live telephone consultation.

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Oliver Brandt [email protected]

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