Women soccer fail before they file a salary lawsuit in court

HIt has only been seven months since the US women soccer team members appeared to be the sure winners. Because a 78-year-old man with white hair and a black dress gave them an encouraging interim report. Yes, Federal Judge R. Gary Klausner: Women will win less per match than men when they play in the US national jersey.

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No wonder the players responded so emphatically. Because in their trial before the Federal District Court in Los Angeles, the first in American legal history, in which a team of successful athletes pulled all legal records in the struggle for equality, they had pinpointed that argument. And on their athletic success and the income they generate for the association.

Accordingly, the conclusion was that the different treatment of the national teams for women and men is a case of discrimination and thus a clear violation of the law. Not at all, Klausner said Friday when Jawhar rejected the players ’claims in a partial referee. The class action doesn’t even require another thorough examination in the context of a hearing of evidence in a major trial with twelve customary jurors in the United States.

Reason? Players were once offered the same terms of a collective agreement as the men in their negotiations with the NFL. Their payout is based on the entry and success bonus system. However, they would have declined this payment and agreed instead to a different method based on fixed salaries. Notabene were unable to file a complaint afterwards regarding the association’s hard-line stance. calendar? The woman’s $ 66 million compensation claim was canceled.

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