With the technical error of Facebook..

Service outages around the world
Restore after seven hours

Washington: The company’s mistake appears to be the reason why Facebook’s services have been suspended around the world. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services, which were frozen for nearly seven hours from 9pm on Monday evening, resumed their normal operation as of Tuesday morning. According to Facebook, the services have been shut down due to incorrect ‘configuration’ changes. He said the problem was caused by changes made to the configuration of the Core Routers. These routers are essential for coordination between data centers and network traffic. These changes caused errors in the Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is a system that converts a website’s name into an IP address. Facebook employees along with users encountered difficulties when services went down. The internal information system at the California headquarters also froze. This is because all these services must be accessed from the Facebook domain. The engineer badges in the Facebook office also didn’t work due to a DNS issue. As a result, they were unable to enter the main rooms of the office. This also seems to be a reason to take all the hours to solve the problem.

We know what happened.

Facebook said it was trying to figure out why the service was down. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologized for the service boycott. He said he knows how much people rely on Facebook to connect with each other. There is no harm to users’ information due to outage. All services are obtained almost as before. We are concerned about the inconvenience caused to the millions of people and companies around the world who depend on us. We are working to fully understand why the outage occurred. “This will help us strengthen our platform even more,” said Santosh Janardan, Facebook’s vice president. The New York Times reports that it is extremely rare for services to be shut down at once from Facebook, the world’s largest social media company.

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