“Windows 96” has appeared, and you can access a fake Windows similar to the popular operating system of the past from the browser–GIGAZINE

Windows, which appeared in the 90s, was released in 1995.Windows 95And “Windows 98There is such a thing. If Windows appeared in the year when such a major version was not released, it is unlikely that “Windows 96A website created on the Internet using only code has appeared that runs on browsers such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly.

Windows 96

When I open “Windows 96”, it looks like this:Windows 9x seriesA home screen reminiscent of us is displayed. Many applications can be launched not only from the shortcut on the desktop, but also from the start menu in the lower left part of the screen. However, since many of the applications presented are not implemented, there are many cases where “double-clicking does not start anything”.

Double-click “Wiki 96” on the desktop to start it, and on Windows 96wikiOpens. This page contains information about each version of Windows 96 and explanations about the available applications, so it looks like a Windows 96 guide.

“MsgRoom” is a chat room function that can be used in Windows 96. However, when I actually tried to use it, I couldn’t send a message because there was no one in MsgRoom.

“Package Manager” is actuallypackage management systemApplications available in .

Written “door disc”An icon I saw somewhereDouble click…

You will be invited to the Windows 96 server on Discord.

In Settings, you can open Control Panel, change background, change appearance, etc. If you want to change the wallpaper, click on “Settings” -> “Dynamic wallpaper” -> “Built-in dynamic wallpapers” -> “OK”. Only the last OK button was cut out, but I couldn’t scroll this screen vertically.

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After clicking “Gameing”, you can play the game after a fairly long loading time of 5 minutes or more. You can check game related operations in “STRUCT MODE”.

The game screen looks like this, it’s a Minecraft-like game where you move the character in first person and place the items.

Please note that not all applications work properly. When I clicked on the Share Panel, the error message “502 Bad Gateway” appeared and became unavailable.

Windows 96 was created by MIKE SOFT, a duo of programmers and artists. MIKESofT describes Windows 96 as “a website that aims to perfectly reproduce the Windows 9x online experience.”

In addition, MIKESOFT said, “Maintenance of Windows 96 is expensive. The hosting and maintenance of this site is important to us, and we are currently paying maintenance fees at our own expense. If you can donate, it will be possible to maintain and maintain the site Windows hosting and maintenance, and it will also support Developer’s life.PatreonWe are asking for donations above.

Windows 96 CEO creates Windows 96 | Patreon

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